The Word on the Street...

"Extraordinary. Tireless. Perfection. Patient. Personable.

While these are pretty simple words, when applying them to describe the talents of teleprompter specialist, Laura Wiley, they are anything but simple. In my 38+ years as an Executive Producer and Executive Speech Coach, I have never enjoyed working with anyone more than I enjoy working with Laura. Her outstanding ability to support an executive address has been the key to successful presentations time and time again. Extremely cool under pressure, keen to spot improper grammar and a superlative understanding of the spoken word, all have provided her with the uncanny ability to deliver her services with the utmost of professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication.

In a word… if you want the best… you’ll find Laura at the helm of your next executive presentation."

-- Bud Price President, Executive Producer, Studio Creative

“What can I say about Laura Wiley? Fun. Experienced. Happy. Good. Talented. All that... and fun to work with. How can that be bad? It can't. If you need a great prompter op who can deal with your clients/presenters/talent in a way that would make you smile, hire her.”

-- Bruce Couch President, CEO, Bodie Group

"Laura is great to work with. She is very talented, professional and a blast to work with. She is always calm and easy going, regardless of how pressure filled things get during a show. I highly recommend Laura!"

-- Joan MacFarlane Exectuive Producer, Jack Morton Worldwide

Wiley Teleprompting